Odile Atthalin
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Odile Atthalin was born in Paris, France to a patriarchal bourgeois family, the eldest of six children. After surviving the German Nazi Occupation in Normandy and the loss of a baby sibling, she witnessed D-Day and the liberation of her village by the American tanks. She majored in comparative literature at the Sorbonne and studied American Literature at Barnard College on a Fulbright Scholarship. Back in France she completed an M.A in Clinical Psychology. In 1969, she left for India, and kept traveling until 1983. Since 1988, she has maintained a private practice in Berkeley. In 1996, as a Senior Rosen Method Teacher, she founded the Rosen Method Open Center, a school to train Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement practitioners and teachers in the US and in Europe. In 1987, she became a godmother to a baby boy with special needs and became very involved in raising him. Atthalin loves reading and writing, in French and English. She finds great joy in meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, singing, hiking, dancing, and leading a weekly Movement class done to all kinds of good music.

In this uplifting memoirGodmother: An Unexpected Journey, Perfect Timing, and Small Miraclesthe author takes the reader along on her spiritual quest as she plumbs the deepest truths of life and death, loss and healing, and above all the life-giving power of love. We experience the pain of her early childhood losses and follow her journey as life brings wholeness through her transformative relationship with her godson. Their bond is movingly depicted with evocative scenes of the joys they share and the growth of her godson from a helpless baby near death to a loving child with special needs, and ultimately to radiant and talented grown man. It is a truly inspirational read.