Robert M. Murphy
Zulu Way
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Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. 27 years as an electrical contractor in Santa Barbara. Vietnam veteran 1970-1971. Retired to Arroyo Grande, CA with my beautiful wife Darcy of 36 years and counting. We live in the country with two horses and 3 spunky dogs and enjoy retirement and sunny days. 

The year is 1858. Zulu Way is the story of Danny, a young man sent on an adventure by his father up the Mississippi on his Uncle's new steamship to sell his family crops to the mills in Baton Rouge. Circumstances take him past Baton Rouge up to Vicksburg, then up the Mississippi to Memphis and on to Chattanooga and Savanna to complete the task he was given. When the job is finally finished, Danny boards a steam-powered sailing ship headed for New Orleans and home, unaware that it is actually a pirate ship. Caught in a hurricane and losing its captain and most of its crew, the ship ends up in the Caribbean, where it is attacked by another pirate ship, whose cargo includes a shipload of Zulu prisoners. With help from the Zulu prisoners, they overpower the pirates and take over the ship. Promising to return the Zulu to their homeland, Danny finds himself on his way to Africa. However, upon arrival, the Zulu crew are rejected by their tribesman, viciously attacked, and forced to flee their homeland and return to the safety of the ship. After many harrowing and action-filled adventures leading Danny from Cape Town to Belgium and then to France, he finally finds his way home a wiser, more confident, wealthier young man.