Shalanda R. Sims
Night Rhythms
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This is Shalanda's debut children's book.  She is a wife, mother of three and educator who is deeply committed to working with her local community using theater and storytelling as a way to help youth and adults learn about African-American history, cope with trauma, and find their voice.  Shalanda's work goes beyond teaching theater but also making theater. She is a playwright with eight produced plays, a professional singer, and equity actress.  Learn more about her work at

Zora can’t go back to sleep. Her brain keeps thinking about the bad dream she had and her heart feels as though it’s beating out of her pajamas. That’s when her mother, Mrs. Johnson, gives her a unique blanket called a quilt. Before Zora can figure out what makes the quilt special, it carries her away on a historical journey. Now if only she knew how to get back home. Can she figure it out or will she be stuck in the past forever?